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Is faith first healthcare a religious based company?

Although each person that works for Faith First Healthcare have their own religious beliefs. Faith First Healthcare is not based on any specified Religion. We accept people from all cultures, ethnic backgrounds , religions and political beliefs. We DO NOT judge nor discriminate based on either of the above mentioned status's . At Faith First Healthcare we are here to provide the best quality care to you and/or your loved ones. Our providers understand that we have clients from all walks of life and they are required to leave their personal biases and prejudices at home and treat all clients and family members with the respect they deserve.

Of course not! We would never make you uncomfortable. If you do not feel comfortable with the first second or even third provider you meet , we will send you another. Our goal is to create the perfect match to provoke longevity, happiness , stability, consistency and comfortability.

What if the caregiver doesn't want to work for my family? 

The same rules apply. We do not force our providers to be uncomfortable and work any place that they do not feel comfortable and welcomed.  If the caregiver chooses not to work for your family for any reason, we will inform you that we will be sending a new provider in order for you to meet them.

Why cant I give my caregiver money or gifts?

Due to the seriousness of exploitation and abuse in the community, we do not condone clients giving our caregivers additional money or gifts. Sometimes a gift or a "TIP" may seem like a nice gesture when your caregiver is doing a really good job. Unfortunately , some people like to take advantage of other's generosity and begin to feel obligated to receive the additional compensation for their work.  

 If you'd like to give your caregiver a gift ,contact Faith First Healthcare and give them good reviews. Each review will add their name at the end of the month to receive a performance bonus. That way, you can keep your money in your pocket and your caregiver will get a gift with your review. We all win!

Do I have to settle for the first provider sent to my home if they are not a good fit for me or my loved one? 


My insurance wont cover my care. What can I do?

We offer Private Pay options at affordable rates. We will come out to your home (or schedule a google meet or zoom call to complete an in home assessment. Once we've completed the assessment , a care plan will be created. Based off your care needs, we will give you a hourly rate for services. 


You will be required to pay a deposit before the start of services. If the deposit is an issue, please ask the representative that you speak with about deposit options.

What if I want to pay monthly? How would this effect my Deposit?

It wouldn't. Upon signing the Service Agreement, Faith First Healthcare will go over different options that work best for you. 

What if I change my mind about wanting/needing services after I paid my deposit? Can I be refunded?

Of Course! If you've paid your deposit and circumstances change before the start of service, send an email to INFO@FAITHFIRSTHEALTHCARE.COM and request to stop services and your refund will be sent back to you. 

If services have already started, you will be eligible for a partial refund. We do not refund for services already worked. We will refund you the amounts for any days/shifts/times that are already paid for and unworked. We will deduct services worked and send you a breakdown of your refund.

I don't need that much care. I just need a minor assistance. Can Faith First Healthcare still help me?

Of Course! Take a look at our services page. If you still have questions on if we can assist you or your loved ones. Contact us today. We'll figure it out together. 

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